Plant. Grow. Harvest. Repeat.

Grace Fellowship – The Downtown Church in McCook, Nebraska!

Our mission is to disciple believers and share the Good News of Jesus with our neighbors. We seek to glorify God through love and service to the church, our local community, and those in need of the Good News of Jesus all over the world. From our church home at 319 George Norris Avenue, we seek to radiate the love of Jesus to all of McCook, to Nebraska, and to all of the world.

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you believe, you are welcome to join us and learn about the saving work of Jesus and the live-changing truths of the Bible . We are all imperfect and in need of the grace of Jesus – even those of us who have believed in him since childhood. Even if you have never believed, are skeptical, are just curious, or have never been to a reformed church, you are invited to join us, ask questions, and study what the Bible truly has to say.

A church that does not exist to reclaim heathenism, to fight evil, to destroy error, to put down falsehood, a church that does not exist to take the side of the poor, to denounce injustice and to hold up righteousness, is a church that has no right to be.

Charles Spurgeon

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