About Us

Want to know more about us?

What are we?

A church!

What kind of church?

The kind that loves Jesus, loves the Bible, loves people, loves our town, and loves you. No, really, we do!

Are you welcome here?

No matter who you are you are welcome to come in, meet new people, drink some coffee, hear the Word of God preached, and hopefully worship God with us.

What denomination are we?

We consider ourselves a non-denominational Bible church. However, our beliefs mostly fall in line with the Reformed Baptist movement, if that means anything to you.

What about the kids?

We prefer our children to hang out with us while we worship, so that they can hear what we hear and ask hard questions later. We think families should learn and worship together! If they find it hard to concentrate at first, they can color (materials provided!), read, rest… whatever works for you.

What about the screaming kids?

They are welcome, too! Our pastor doesn’t care if your child cries or screams, but we know it can be distracting and embarrassing for the parent. We have a nursery room with the sound of the worship service piped in. You can still be a part of the service, even if you need to distract your little screamer with some toys!

What is our music like?

It’s pretty simple. We sing some old stuff with a piano. We sing some new stuff with a guitar. Sometimes we play old and new stuff with more than one instrument. Mostly, we just focus on God.